Josh and Jesse – A Boy and His Dog

I took my Boston Terrier, Chipper for his wellness exam the other day, concerned about a pea-size lump on his abdomen. My vet, upon testing, found the findings inconclusive as to whether the lump was benign or potentially cancerous. Chip’s breeder also wrote me, “You need to have it removed ASAP because of the strong cancer history in the siblings.” I lost my little Poco three years ago to a fatal illness, the thought of possibly losing Chipper now is unnerving. But this post is not about Chipper. It’s not about me. Sometimes when you’re online searching for answers, you discover the most amazing stories of other people, who put your own problems into perspective. While I was googling “cancer, dogs”, I was brought to this story at, an online site for pet owners who have lost their best friends. I happen to know the site well, since little Poco has her own special page here.

Josh and Jesse

The story I’m referring to is Jesse – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever – Goodbye. The page was posted by a family member. Josh is a special needs young man with cerebral palsy. Jesse was his dog, whose life ended from canine leukemia. Josh surprised his parents, me, and more than 3600 other people with a beautiful, moving video tribute to his beloved dog, which has been uploaded to YouTube and can be found here. His mother mentions that Josh checks the website all day long to see if there are any hits and comments.

Won’t you take a moment and join me in letting Josh know that we all have Jesse’s in our lives, and that when you lose your best friend, you are not alone?

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2 Responses to Josh and Jesse – A Boy and His Dog

  1. Jessica Martin-Randall says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning Josh’s video on your website/blog. It is so appreciated! I would just like to clarify one thing, my name is Jessica, I’m related to Josh by marriage. I submitted the story about Josh on The Rainbow Bridge but it came across that I’m Josh’s Mom. Oopps! The story is from his mother, Cheryl, her words from an email she sent out to the family. Josh and his family have been overwhelmed by the response the video is getting. And from what I hear it is having a very positive effect for Josh as he deals with the loss of his much lived Jesse. Thank you again for posting it!! Myself and a few other family members have been champions to this cause, we all just want to help Josh to feel better. Sincerely, Jessica

    • Jessica Martin-Randall says:

      Sorry that should say “much loved Jesse”

      And I did send a message to the Rainbow Bridge site about correcting the error to my post there, but I haven’t heard back from them.

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