Keystone XL + Punt = Pathetic

Keystone Pipeline Protest

Reminds me of the President when he was in the Illinois Senate.  How many times did he vote “present” to avoid the hard decisions. 

Unbelievable.  Punts the decision until 2013 until AFTER the election. And what did he say the other day, “the least of my concerns at the moment is the politics of a year from now“?
 Keystone represents American jobs and more energy security. Instead, the Canadians will get tired of waiting, strike a deal with the Chinese, and there goes the oil. Can you imagine if we tried to build the Golden Gate Bridge today?  

About an-opinioniatedwoman

Midwest, Middle Class and Middle of the Road. A fiscal conservative and social moderate, who supports free speech, gun rights, the military, and God Bless America. Multi-dog owner who has seen and been through it all. Interests from politics to football to cooking/baking to opera. I have a very low tolerance for mediocrity.
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